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California’s Blackouts Display The Results Of Kamala Harris’s Favored Energy Policy


It’s hot out West and California’s electricity grid is under tremendous strain. The state’s first intentional rolling blackouts since its 2001 energy crisis hit on Friday. Tuesday’s forecast electricity demand is likely to exceed the record reached in 2006. Also, if it weren’t for substantial imports of electricity from coal- and gas-fired power plants in other Western states, it would be far worse.

California’s energy travails come at an embarrassing time for the Democratic national presidential ticket of former Vice President Joe Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Biden’s past energy policies were fairly standard fare for old-school Democrats: massive government spending and regulations to pick winners and losers—the $535 million Solyndra collapse is illustrative. His current plan is more of the same, spending $2 trillion, some of which will go to buy the silent acceptance of Big Oil.

By comparison, Harris’ policies are a radical departure, and, as can be seen in California, fail when confronted with the real world. Harris partnered with New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal, an energy plan so ambitious it envisioned a continental network of government-run high-speed trains while grounding America’s commercial air fleet.

Likewise, California’s high-speed rail project has been cut back from the 380-mile San Francisco to Los Angeles route to a 140-mile Bakersfield to Merced run that few will ever ride, as the costs of the project tripled from $33.6 billion to $98.1 billion.  The train would run on electricity—if it were available.

California’s electricity problem is simple. Its energy policies demand ever-increasing amounts of wind and solar power, but electricity must be generated the moment it’s consumed. The wind doesn’t always blow—especially when it’s hot—and the sun doesn’t always shine. Therefore, California must import vast amounts of power from the 13 other states (along

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