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Dr. Birx Holds More Influence Over Trump Than Fauci


It is Dr. Deborah Birx who has the ear of President Donald Trump, not Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to White House officials.

Administration officials told Axios that Birx knows how to play politics and is an expert at getting what she wants by telling people what they want to hear, especially with Trump.

“The media is clearly enamored with Fauci, but Dr. Birx is significantly more influential in the West Wing,” one senior White House official told Axios. “It’s influence not just because she’s an operator — she’s also a workhorse. She’s the person building the models and poring over the data every night to brief POTUS and the task force.”

Officials say Birx tells the president what he wants to hear in private and then spins her angle in public if she needs to. In the Situation Room, White House officials said she slammed WHO for its relationship with China. In public, she was not as hard on the organization. 

Birx was instrumental in speaking to the president about concerns over Georgia reopening tattoo parlors and hair salons. Trump then criticized the governor even though he had encouraged states to take initiative to reopen.

Officials also say it was Birx who convinced Trump to extend social distancing guidelines for another 30 days in late March even though he wanted to open the country back up. 

And even though tensions heat up between Trump and Fauci at times, a senior official told Axios the two get along fine.

“They seem to have a great relationship, they joke around,” a senior administration official said. 

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