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In New York City, The GOP Makes A Stand For Law And Order


Staten Island is very much its own place in the universe, yet still an integral part of New York City. This urban suburb is also one of the few areas of the city where Republicans get elected. Until 2018, when Max Rose flipped the seat the 11th congressional district, which comprises Staten Island and parts of South Brooklyn, the seat was fairly reliably red. This year, popular state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is taking on Rose in Gotham’s only swing district, and the main issue in the election is suddenly law and order.

So it was no wonder that on this past brisk Saturday morning Malliotakis held a rally to back the blue, complete with a bevy of cops in attendance ready to go knock on doors and officials from various police unions making full-throated endorsements. This year, as in other cities, gun violence has spiked in New York City and quality of life crimes are once again becoming a way of life.

The city government’s answer to all of this? Cut the New York Police Department budget by $1 billion because, as City Councilman Joe Borelli put it, there was a Twitter hashtag to defund the police.

Just as law and order has overtaken other issues in the presidential election, so too has it in our races for the House, and NY 11 is a pretty good microcosm of these purple district races. Like many GOP candidates across the nation, Malliotakis wants this issue front and center, and judging from the response of the police unions, they want that too. They want a government that has their back, as Dan Terelli, the recording secretary of the Police Benevolent Association, put it from the podium: “We always told our officers to be safe out there, now we tell them not to

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