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Wall Street Journal refuses to take a knee to internal woke mob


“These pages won’t wilt under cancel-culture pressure …. Their anxieties aren’t our responsibility, … we are not the New York Times.”

A group of 280 news staffers at The Wall Street Journal signed, and then leaked, a letter complaining about the Opinon pages.

The full letter was leaked to and published on Twitter by a NY Times journalist:

This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that nearly 300 WSJ staffers signed a letter to the publisher pointing out flaws and errors in Opinion articles and asking for changes. https://t.co/TFOX3KdzOR

Below: The letter in full. pic.twitter.com/v6hZvDcXl3

— marc tracy (@marcatracy) July 23, 2020

There are complaints that some Op-Eds should have been better fact-checked. But these are opinion pieces, not news articles, and its up to the opinion authors to back up, or not, their claims. That’s not to say a publication has no responsibility to fact check opinion pieces, but its not the same standard as for news reporting by the publication.

That all seemed to be just window dressing. The heart of letter was a now-too-common passive-aggressive attempt to silence others by claiming opinions with which they disagree are divisive or upset people:

Multiple employees of color publicly

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