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Inside the Beltway: Hillary Clinton posts fake White House photo


Talk about a photo finish.

It is an odd and telling political moment. Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and former White House advisor David Axelrod were among those who recently went to social media and shared an image of a darkened White House as riots raged in 147 cities around the nation. They clearly suggested that President Trump was within, doing nothing to quell the crisis.

What appeared to be a damning photo turned out to have originated from the era when President Barack Obama was in charge.

“So pervasive was that meme on social media that the Associated Press was moved to fact-check and let liberals know that, sorry, the slam dunk on Trump was actually an embarrassing rebound. People even started saying Trump was ‘hiding in his bunker’ and the lights went out — until a CNN reporter pointed out the main lights always go out at 11 p.m.,” wrote Washington Examiner media analyst Eddie Scarry, in a column for the New York Post.

“It’s not as if this hasn’t happened before. Recall the images of ‘children in cages’ that were all the rage heading into summer 2018, passed off as demonstrable proof that the Trump administration was

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