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VIDEO: Biden’s 2020 DNC Speech Remarkably Similar to his 2008 DNC Speech


No Biden Didn’t Deliver “the Speech He’s Waited His Whole Life to Give,” He Gave Essentially the Same Speech 12 Years Ago. After Joe Biden managed to read his speech, Van Jones let slip the part that shouldn’t be said aloud: that his ability to read a speech was a triumph.  Was there ever a lower bar for a potential president of these United States?

It gets worse, though, because while we were barraged by leftstream media leg tingles and their undue glee (not falling flat on one’s face is a win for them), we were also told that this was “The Speech Joe Biden Waited His Whole Life to Give” and that it was “The Speech Joe Biden Has Been Preparing For His Entire Life.”

The problem is that Biden’s once-in-a-lifetime speech was pretty much the same speech he gave 12 years ago when he was Barack Obama’s VP pick.


This is unbelievable. Same exact speech. pic.twitter.com/doY5R6QqKA

— Power Tie (@realPowerTie) August 22, 2020

As a quick reminder, Obama took office with supermajorities in

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